About Us

Furniture for Backs was founded by Melbourne Chiropractor Dr Michael Crane in 2006.

Michael studied Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne and upon graduation in 1996 began practicing full-time as a Chiropractor in the inner eastern suburb of Hawthorn. In 1999, he furthered his education, completing postgraduate studies in Sports Chiropractic. This has enabled him to deal with a broader range of injuries. He has built a successful practice providing quality care for his patients and continues to consult part-time in Hawthorn.

As a community Chiropractor wanting to assist the volumes of individuals suffering from injuries associated with the usage of poor furniture, Michael pursued further studies involving Ergonomics. His studies specifically focused on how furniture can be better designed to suit the human body. This specialist area of knowledge has been much sought after by the community at large. For many years now, Michael has been providing individuals and the broader corporate world with services in the form of onsite education & training regarding ergonomics and spinal health.

In 2006, Michael decided to use his expert knowledge in association with some leading Australian furniture manufacturers to design, manufacture and retail a range of ergonomic computer chairs and mattresses. Michael also made the very unique and crucial decision to collaborate with practitioners from the various other major musculoskeletal health care professions. Expert knowledge and opinion has been keenly communicated from members of the Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Rehab Consultant professions. The products available from FFB and their prescription have been significantly considered.

All members of the Furniture for Backs organisation are highly trained health care consultants, whom can prescribe very accurately the right piece of furniture, based on health care information that you provide.

So when it comes to your health, what can be more important than making a well-considered and educated choice?

The mission of Furniture for Backs is to prescribe SMART, SPECIFIC & SUPERIOR QUALITY furniture to suit the individual’s postural and spinal needs.