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Angela: 35yr old Graphic Designer from Richmond (Vic) with Leg Cramps - Sit-Stand Desk buy.

Working as a Graphic Designer I’m at my desk for most of the day, and usually seated for long periods of time. Over time I started to get leg cramps and would need to get up and stretch, or walk around the office until the cramp had gone. That’s when one of my coworkers suggested a Sit-Stand Desk from Furniture For Backs. Dr. Crane explained that a Sit-Stand Desk will help with circulation and prevent further cramping, and he was right! This desk is amazing! No more sitting down for hours on end, and no more leg cramps!


Susan: 48yr old IT Worker from Geelong (Vic) with Chronic Low Back Pain - Mattress buy.

I would like to thank the FFB team for their wonderful service and follow up. Both my husband and I suffer from low back pain and the mattress FFB suggested has certainly eased our symptoms. We are both sleeping better thanks to their advice.


Geoff: 52yr old Sales Consultant from Bondi (NSW) with Degenerated Lumbar Discs - Computer Chair buy.

Have been utilising inappropriate computer chairs for years, to the detriment of my back. Dr Crane questioned my sitting needs and body health problems. He was able to suggest a computer chair that would support me better. I purchased the chair and his advice has been accurate. My low back pain has significantly reduced enabling me to sit a lot longer. Thanks Mike.


Jenny: 29yr old Disability Aid Worker from Chirnside Park (Vic) with Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Computer Chair buy.

Thanks FFB team for recommending a computer chair that has enabled me to resume work again, following a lumbar disc injury sustained 12 months earlier. I am deeply grateful for their recommendations and advice. They were spot on. If anyone is suffering from a back problem and needs to sit for a living, simply call these guys.


Luke: 29yr old AFL Footballer from St. Kilda (Vic) with no problem - Needs new mattress.

I needed a new mattress to replace my old one. Purchased a new mattress from a major retailer, which caused my low back to play up each morning. Doctor at the club recommended contacting Dr Mike Crane at FFB, whom solved the problem. I needed a mattress with more support in the right areas of my back. Given that I paid half the price for this mattress, was prescribed the correct model and the service being spot on, I should have contacted them initially. Several of the boys from the club that I have recommended, have had the same satisfaction. This is why I’m happy to provide a testimonial, which I don’t do lightly. Cheers Mike.


Mathew: 39yr old IT Worker from Perigian Beach (Qld) with Spinal Scoliosis - Mattress buy.

I recently purchased a mattress from Dr Crane at FFB. I have to admit that I was nervous about purchasing online, given that you are not able to test the product. The flip side to the coin is that you can go to an in-store retailer where you can try the product and still get it wrong. So why not buy online. My physiotherapist recommended that I contact him for advice. Following a detailed discussion regarding my scoliosis with Dr Crane, he was able to recommend a suitable mattress. The mattress arrived within a week and delivered by very obliging transport personnel. I have to mention that I have been sleeping very well and my back is feeling significantly less stiff upon waking.


Paul: 40yr old Yoga Instructor from Mooloolaba (Qld) with Shoulder Tendonitis - Mattress buy.

I needed a new mattress since my older mattress was aggravating my shoulder. I developed tendonitis from years of Yoga. I am a side sleeper and my shoulder becomes really painful due to the pressure. I felt nervous about buying a new mattress without some medical guidance, as I do not trust a mattress salesman to get it right. And mattresses are expensive. I found out about FFB via my Osteopath whom recommended I call to get advice. I spoke to Mike, whom seemed to know confidently what I needed, so I purchased a latex mattress and have been sleeping exceptionately well since. I have to say that I was impressed with the money I saved also. I have been recommending FFB for my students also, who are all having positive experiences also.


David: 27yr old Accountant from Malvern (Vic) with Rounded Shoulders - Computer chair buy.

I felt as though the computer chair provided by the firm was inadequate, particularly as I sit all day. I suffer from rounded shoulders and feared that my condition would worsen. Since the company would not offer an alternative chair, I decided to purchase my own and take it with me, if I ever left. Shopped around everywhere, but couldn’t find anything suitable. Nor could I find anyone whom could advise me confidently. Found FFB through Google and spoke at length to Dr Mike Crane, whom is an experienced chiropractor and clearly understands ergonomics. Not only did he suggest an appropriate chair, but educated me on how to use it. I am grateful for the chair purchase, particularly how inexpensive it was. Ironically, the company that employs me are now purchasing their chairs from FFB. Fact!


Carol: 43yr old Receptionist from Toorak (Vic) with General Stiffness upon waking - Mattress buy.

I went to see my Chiropractor about waking up feeling stiff and sore in the morning, and he recommended I contact Dr. Crane at Furniture For Backs to find a better mattress suited to my needs. Dr. Crane was the best person to speak to regarding my new mattress as his recommendation was based on my personal needs and health above anything else. He didn’t try and talk me into something I didn’t need, he just recommended exactly what I required and explained why. Not only was I impressed with the service and health orientated approach, but thanks to Furniture For Backs mattress recommendation, I no longer feel sore in the morning! If you’re going to invest in something you‘ll have for years to come, that can be so detrimental to your health, why would you listen to anyone other than a healthcare professional? Thanks Dr. Mike!


Leigh: 62yr old Finance Consultant from Belgrave (Vic) with Hip Replacement - Mattress buy.

Unfortunately, I have worn hip joints as a result of years of running. Had the right hip replaced 3 years ago, but it still gives me grief, particularly when sleeping. I have frustratingly purchased 2 mattresses since the surgery and both have not been suitable. I needed some extra pressure relief when sleeping on my side. My wife’s chiropractor recommended that I contact FFB for advice. It was advised by Dr Crane that these previous mattresses were not clinically suitable. He recommended a latex model with pressure relieving properties. I was concerned about these beds being too hot, well that’s the perception, compared to sprung beds. Dr Crane ensured me that this is not the case, so I took the gamble. I would like to confirm that the FFB mattresses are not hot to sleep in and I have slept like baby since. I still get the odd night of pain, but not often. My advice to the public- Call FFB.


Leanne: 75yr old Retiree from Eltham (Vic) with Hemiplegia from Stroke - Mattress buy.

Just thanking FFB for recommending a suitable mattress. Had a minor stoke in recent months, which has created some permanent change to my posture and body (And speech for that matter). My physiotherapist advised me to contact Dr Crane at FFB. Following some questioning and detailed explanation, he recommended a mattress suitable for my needs. The mattress arrived within a week and I have slept very well since. I want to thank Dr Crane for making the process of purchasing a new mattress very simple and stress free. Don’t hesitate to call him for advice. Thank you.


Andrea: 46yr old Fashion Designer from Port Melbourne (Vic) with Lumbar Laminectomy - Computer Chair buy.

I would like to declare that I purchased a computer chair from FFB, under the advice of my rehabilitation specialist. I am still recovering from a lumbar 5 laminectomy performed 6 months ago, but need a computer chair for work as I need to sit much of the day. I was assessed by Dr Mike Crane whom recommended a chair that would reduce the pressure at the base of my spine and provided me with some instruction on how to use this chair effectively.  A special thanks to Mike, but also my rehabilitation specialist for the recommendation.