Your health and wellbeing should mean the world too you and your family. As a rule, we shouldn’t be gambling with our health. For this reason, health care providers around Australia are recommending their trusting patients to Furniture for Backs for their next furniture selection.

Furniture for Backs is a health care center that currently retails mattresses and pillows, computer chairs and standing desks. The service specializes in recommending spinal related furniture to those suffering with spinal complaints or other mechanical considerations. The service is naturally available to those individuals with a healthy spine and are keen to keep it healthy.

Your furniture consultation is performed by Dr Michael Crane, an experienced health care professional specializing in spinal health complaints. With a wealth of ergonomic and furniture design knowledge, recommendations can be suggested to you with ease and importantly with clinical justification.

Pricing is regarded as standard and the consultations are free, so contact us for an appointment.